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AASTi (ACADEMY FOR ADVANCED STUDIES AND TRAINING INTERNATIONAL) is a unique global provider of quality Higher Education, Corporate and other specialist training programmes and courses at an affordable price and at a pace that suits your requirements; using a variety of innovative techniques and new technology (e-learning portal). AASTi and its partners aim to maximise the use of new technology in the delivery of education and learning through effective simulation where relevant in the UK as well as introducing new branches of Centres internationally over the next few years.

AASTi is dedicated to developing expert business leaders and entrepreneurs, Clinicians and technicians and conducting research not only into the nature of business/subject matters, but their impacts on businesses and the wider world for the 21st century.

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The AASTi Academy, part of the AOC International group was founded this year by the visionary Chairman and assisted by a high powered Advisory board made up of industry experts and academics.

Our great vision to bring together opportunities and skills to create this academy with its excellent schools and innovative business incubation centre have made the integration of excellent training and leadership based courses an exciting new development overseas.

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